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EM 2024

Hello All Members of the EDU,
In preparation of the upcoming Europameisterschaft 2024 in Benidorm, I am sending you a reminder of the deadline for registering all Nations Cup Teams, Eurocup Teams for the Men and Women categories, and all Wheelchair players.

The deadline is April 30, 2024. I attach the registration forms for the team events.
Some limited changes can be made after the registration of teams. Eurocup Teams playing in the Open category can register on site in Benidorm on Saturday June 8.
The registration fees for the team events are not due until Saturday, June 8, 2024.
In addition to the registration of the events listed above, we need to ensure that the tournament database is as updated as possible. Consequently I would like you to send me an Excel file with the details of the players that are likely to participate, not all of the players in your database. The data we need is the following:
• Player licence number
• Player name
• Player’s gender (male or female)
• Player category (A, B, C or Junior)
• Date of birth for junior players.
I look forward to greeting you soon in Benidorm. Best regards, Robert.
Registration Nationen Cup
Registartion Euro Cup


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